International English Service is a part of the Gereja Sidang-Sidang Jemaat Allah di Indonesia (Assemblies of God of Indonesia) and is a part of the world wide fellowship of Assemblies of God churches with over 63 million members all over the world


We believe that the kids of our church are not the church of tomorrow; they are a real part of the church today. Meeting their spiritual, relationship and emotional needs are a priority for all of us in the church, and not just the parents.


We have a discipleship ministry that leads the training programs of the church. Currently classes for adults are offered on Tuesday nights.


The deacons of the church meet on a regular basis to conduct the business of the church and to work with the pastoral staff in the ministry of the church. Four deacons are elected each year during the annual meeting from the membership of the church.


Everyone who attends International English Service is a member of the church.

Those members of IES who want to be a part of the decision making process in the church are welcome to become voting members of the church. Voting members are IES members who are willing to sign and abide by our Covenant of Membership, which includes accepting our statement of faith. Members are added during the year and the voting members of the church choose deacons during the annual meeting. The deacons conduct the business of the church in between the annual meetings. Every five years all of the voting members of the church select the lead pastor of IES through a voting process at the annual meeting.


We have an active Outreach Ministry which coordinates our efforts in four main areas; relief and development, church planting, training and assisting ministers in difficult areas, and helping churches in difficult areas.


Our worship style is contemporary and lively. We are not afraid to be solemn and still, but we are also not afraid to rejoice and shout for joy. Our worship time features a worship choir and a rotating team of lead worshipers and musical instrumentalist